Friday, December 03, 2004

Since 1453

I want to introduce ISTANBUL to you. It is the best city I have ever seen. The city contains too many historical buildings, places and museums. The first thing that i choose, the general information about ISTANBUL. You can click here to see that information. The second thing about THE ISTANBUL is the famous bridges .Also one of the famous things about ISTANBUL is "ISTANBUL TWILIGHT". You can click here to see these pretty pictures. Finally, you can learn lots of information about ISTANBUL from this website.

by Alp

5 Days in Beijing

Beijing was declared the capital city in 1057 BC. Beijing City,which is situated in the northeastern part of China,is the capital city in China now. The climate in Beijing is of the continental type, with cold and dry winters (-4 Celsius)and hot summers (26 Celsius). You can check the weather & clothes. This Ferburay my friend and I visited Beijing for 5 days,we really had a good time there. Beijing is a beautiful city which combines different faces, especially history and modern culture. We visited a lot of famous places in Beijing in 5 days,likes Forbidden City,the Great Wall,Tian'anmen,The Summer Palace,Temple Of Heaven and so on. Click here you can see the detail of these attractions.
Population in Beijing is about 12 million.

by Pei Pei

Welcome to Cheju Island

cheju island


cheju island

by Myo Young

New Orleans


New orleans is a city which I had visited one month ago. It's a special city that I've never seen before.There're many French style houses building for a long time and modern builings,and Mississippi river going through.You could visit and shop in the French Quarter where is the most famous place there.If you want to get more iformation about how to travel in New Orleans,please click here. Go for it!!

by Janice

Thursday, November 04, 2004

My favorite band in my country

My favorite band in my country is MayDay.
There are 5 guys (they are also good friends)in this group, and they play their own rock music. All songs that they play are created by themselves. In addition,these songs are very popular in Asia. Beside their songs,I also admire their friendship. It always lets me think about my good friends in senior high school. Some of songs remind me about the happy time in that period. If you are instereted, MayDay's official website is here.

by Pei Pei

Love Songs

I like the love songs more than others.
It makes me to have different feelings, like sad, happy and even both.
And I like to sing the love songs, too.
Have you ever sing when you are sad,how did you feel??
have you ever sing when you are happy,how did you feel??
You could release your feelings either you listen or sing the love songs.
Try to do it!!Love Songs

by Janice

Kenny Hawkes

I want to introduce Kenny Hawkes. He is a legendary musician. He makes house style music. Also he is a Dj and producer. I think he is the one of the best. He is known all over Europe. His sound is different than the others. His style is very smooth. He was born in England. He lives in London. He is not old but actually I don`t know his exact age. He doesn't have an offical webside but we can find much information in that website. Kenny Hawkes

by Alp

Subtropics Maji-Ska Bomb

Subtropics Maji-Ska Bomb is ska band which take Japanese style melody in their music. I don't know how many people there are in the group, but it consists usual band section and horn section. They sometiomes co-star with MAKI, who is a singer, has very strong passion in her singing voice. I love them because I feel nostalgic from their music.

by Eriko


My favorite singer is Yanzi. She is from Singapore. She can create wonderful songs with the piano. By the way, she is an intelligent singer. And I love her smile very much.

by Mandy

My favorite band : MANA

Mana is a Mexican group that was born in the streets of Guadalajara in the decade of the 70s, when 4 friends joined to hear favorite disks and to practice to be a band. These friends were Fernando, Abraham Juan and their brother Ulises.
They began to be presented in parties , graduations, birthdays, pubs, and small places of the city, now they are so famous and also they has won several prizes like in '99 Mana won the Grammy for "Best Latin Group".
Mana still so eminent and acclaimed for all ages and different countries in the world.

by Lucy

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Welcome to your class blog. This will be a space for AE2 students to display their online projects as well as their own creative work throughout the term. We had some great contributions to last term's blog and we hope to make this one just as successful. Please ask the writing assistants for any help with posting, linking, or adding pictures to your blog. They will be glad to help! Also, keep in mind that we will be having another contest for the best looking student weblog - so good luck and happy weblogging!